Welcome to Redshift 6 Apps

Redshift 6 Apps is a collaboration of Android, iOS, and Web developers with a mission to create apps and sites that are useful, but at the same time a joy to use, and beautiful to look at.

Our Apps:

Plant Buddy

Plant Buddy is a simple app to help you keep track of your plants. Whether you have more houseplants than you know what to do with, or a garden that you keep forgetting to water, this app is for you.

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Muscle Manage

Do you enjoy working out? So do we. This app will help you keep track of exercises, reps and sets. Muscle Manage will also help you create workouts tailored to your own personal goals and view your progress over time.
(Work in progress.)

What's on Tap?

If you like beer, that you'll love this app. What's on Tap will help you locate whatever type of beer you're thirsty for.
(Work in progress.)

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