Plant Buddy

Plant Buddy allows you to keep track of as many plants as you want. You can set up a description, aquired date, and source for each plant. Additionally, you can add care tips (no more worrying about losing that little plastic tag you got with the plant), notes, and links. You can set recurring or one time alarms to help you remember when to water, fertilize, etc... You can even create an image gallery for each plant to see it grow.

Android app on Google Play

Main Screen

The main screen is a scrollable list of all the plants you've added to Plant Buddy. An orange alarm icon is shown next to any plants that need attention.

View Plant

The view plant screen is where you set a plant's description, when you got it, and where you got it from. This screen also shows you a gallery of all the pictures you've taken of a plant. From this screen, you can also add care tips, notes, alarms, and links (or you can add a link directly from the browser). Each of the little grey icons on the right allow you to change information about the plant.

Add Alarm

The add alarm screen allows you to set an alarm of your choosing: 1) every N days, weeks, months, seasons, years, or set a one time alarm.

Image Switcher

The image switcher allows you to browse the pictures you've taken of your plant in all their hi-res glory. The small images across the top can be swiped left-right until you find the image you're looking for, then simply tap the image you want to view.